• Put hair up in a ponytail.
  • Place the hair pad roughly in the middle of the ponytail.
  • Fold the ends into the hair pad and roll it towards the scalp.
  • Fix in place with hairclips.

Get a great-looking bun with the HAIR PAD – quickly and easily!

The trendy, popular hair pad is the best aid for putting the hair up simply, for both parties and daily wear.

With the hair pad, you can have the perfect full-volume party bun or the more random, ruffled bun for daily wear.

Make a ponytail – high on the head or low around the neck, depending on where you would like the middle of the bun to be placed.

Pull the ponytail through the hair pad – so that the hair pad is placed directly against the scalp.

Spread the hair from the ponytail over the hair pad so that the hair pad is no longer visible.

Then, put a hair bobble down over both the pad and the hair in order to achieve the desired bun effect. The bobble ensures the hair stays around the pad, but still allows you to correct the hair in places where it does not completely cover the pad.

Finish by setting the ends in place with hairpins and fix with hairspray if desired.

If you would prefer a more ruffled bun, you can lightly backcomb the hair before moving on to step 3 – and then continue as above.

For the last ruffled tufts, these can be pulled gently out of the bun before the ends are set in place.

The hair pad comes in various sizes.