Wreath for bun

Wreath for bun

  • Set hair in a ponytail.
  • Twist the hair around into a bun.
  • Place the wreath over the bun and twist it into place.
  • The bun sits well and looks great.
  • The bun can also be held in place with a small hair pad before twisting around the wreath.

This is the new way to transform a simple bun into an attractive hairstyle, and have you ready for a party in next to no time.

The wreath, with either imitation gemstones or pearls, creates an attractive finish, and all that can be seen once the hair has been put up are the gemstones/pearls.

It is also a great aid in holding the hairstyle firmly in place.

If you have straight, smooth hair, you can help hold it in place either by spraying with a saltwater spray or by a little backcombing.

As mentioned, it is also possible to hold the bun in place with a small hair pad before fitting the wreath.