All Styles
All Styles is a dynamic, modern and diverse company offering contemporary fashion jewellery, hair accessories and high-quality personal care products for fashion-conscious women and girls.

Biggest wholesaler in fashion jewellery
It was established as Jens E. Bijouterie in 1974, and today, the company is one of Scandinavia’s biggest wholesalers in fashion jewellery, hair decoration and personal care products.

We distribute our brands in partnership with prestigious companies and retail chains in the Scandinavian market, which can value and appreciate our sharp eye for the latest new trends and our keen focus on earning potential for our business partners. And we also offer a wide array of proven, safe and modern private label products that customers love.

All Styles’ business activities are now centered at the company’s head office in Lystrup, just outside Aarhus, Denmark, and our primary activities are based in the local markets of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

The company employs a range of Scandinavia’s most experienced experts within the areas of fashion, marketing, merchandising and sales and is represented by a number of Scandinavia’s most respected agents.

All Styles designs its products with a strong belief in the value of branding and packaging and currently markets the following known brands:

  • Choise By Heart
  • Caresse
  • SZN Senze