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We Care

Our core mission is to drive positive change across all parts of our business – from our product selection to our partnerships and daily operations.


Our commitment is an integrated part of our business strategy and reflects our deep-rooted company values. 

We are dedicated to contributing positively to our planet, fostering social responsibility, and ensuring the well-being and development of our employees. This holistic approach is part of our broader ESG strategy, aiming to balance ethical, sustainable practices with our business goals.

How we make a difference

Our focus on ESG principles guides us in making decisions that benefit not only our business but also the environment and society at large. By integrating these values into every aspect of our operations, we strive to contribute to a positive change.

Read our ESG principles below.


Using Recycled Materials

We offer our partners products made from recycled materials to lessen our environmental impact. This approach allows us to offer sustainable choices without sacrificing quality.

Eco-Conscious Packaging

Our packaging, primarily made from recycled content, reflects our commitment to waste reduction and recycling. We're continuously working to make our packaging more sustainable.


Community Engagement

We support meaningful causes like Knæk Cancer and collaborate with the Red Cross to donate excess products, ensuring they serve a purpose and reach those in need.


Inclusive Employment

We engage with protected workshops for certain tasks, promoting the employment of individuals with special needs and supporting their integration into the workforce.


Diversity and Inclusion

Our workplace embraces diversity across all dimensions, including gender, ethnicity, and more. We strive to create an environment where everyone feels valued and included.


Employee Well-being

We prioritize our team's health and balance through comprehensive health benefits, flexible schedules, and remote work opportunities.


Continuous Learning

We invest in our employees' growth with training and development opportunities, supporting their professional and personal advancement.


Selective Partnerships

We partner with companies that share our values, ensuring they follow international labor and environmental standards. Our partners are part of Amfori and undergo BSCI audits to guarantee ethical practices.


We are working on improving our reporting regarding our environmental impact and will continuously strive to become better.

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